Current Limiting Fuses
Eaton has the most extensive line of Current Limiting High Voltage fuses. The product line has a 60 year history dating back to Westinghouse Electric. The tradition of high quality and reliability continues to drive the business today.
Current Limiting Fuses Current Limiting
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Expulsion/Boric and Acid Fuses
Eaton offers an extensive line of expulsion fuses to protect 2.4 KV – 145 KV systems. Flexibility is the cornerstone of the RBA/RDB fuses. The DBU product line is a direct replacement to the SMU20 offering of S&C. Industrial and Utility customers have trusted Eaton’s Boric Acid fuses since the 1950’s.
Expulsion/Boric and Acid Fuses Expulsion/Boric
Acid Fuses
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Fuses Live Parts and Mounting
Eaton’s one-stop-shop for fuses and mountings takes all the guesswork out for customers. Mountings are live parts are manufactured in the USA ensuring quick order turnaround.
Fuses Live Parts and Mounting Fuses Live Parts
& Mounting
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New products
Eaton is committed to the fuse business which is evident by its rapidly expanding product offering. Several new products are introduced each year to ensure customers can rely on Eaton to meet all their circuit protection needs.
New products Our Newest
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Genuine Eaton Brand

Building on the reputation for quality that was established when our products were known as Westinghouse and later Cutler-Hammer, our fuse products are now grouped together under the brand label Eaton Fuses and carry our renewed commitment to offering customer service that you can rely upon.

Like the circuit breaker market, grey market & used fuses have found their way into customer installations. This web site charter is driven by the need to stop this practice through offering immediate availability of Eaton Fuses that are subject to stringent quality controls & carry the manufacturer’s warranty. Why risk the value of your expensive electrical equipment & human life with sub-par circuit protection?

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